SEA Games Rehearsals


The month has been packed with sea games rehearsals, on every Friday and Saturday. This also means that we actually had lesser practical “army time”. Who wouldn’t love that? Essentially, we only do army duties for 3 days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Due our sacrifical on Saturdays, we get a day off on Monday.

We are tasked as performers for the opening ceremony and I am not too sure what will we be doing after that. Probably becoming logistics helpers or to put it bluntly, “sai kang warriors”.

The opening ceremony is on the 6th of June. Many performers include Methodist Girl School, School of Dance, SOKA Women’s Association, Dancers from Polytechnics and of course our dear 6SIR. The sea games heats will last around 2 weeks, following a closing ceremony 16 June 2015. Translation : Goodbye our relaxation month.

As performers from the Charlie Coy, our task was not an easy one. Its all about the labour work. Which explains why the army division was chosen to do it. We had to carry icons of Singapore we is comparable to those laterns that are on display during the Lunar Festival at Chinese Garden. It is supported by poles, and depending on the size of the icon, it requires 4-6 people to lift up one and mobilize it.


   As performers we have our outfits as well. A simple white outfit, a white singlet covered over by a white poncho, white jogger pants, shoes and socks. Resemblance of the Assassin Creed, no?


LED roof panels in the National Stadium

 I guess the budget of this event is rather hefty. Three weeks till the actual event and theres already fireworks during the rehearsal, impressive.

There are also other guests that will be hosting the event and performing on that day, like Daphne Khoo, Benjamin Kheng from The Sam Willows and Sharon Ow. The organisers are also giving every performer a pair of tickets so that our parents could come and witness our performance on the opening ceremony.

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