Goodbye SEA GAMES 2015! 👋

Woah, this long journey has finally ended. I still remember those days when we were require to go down to Khatib Camp at the remote corners of Yishun for rehearsals, from noon till evening. Doing the choreography rehearsals in Yishun that was not being used in the actual Opening Ceremony performance at all. (Then go there rehearse for what right?) Those weekends burnt doing rehearsal for 2-3 hours and spent other time just resting in the hold area just to wait for the actual run in the night.

Those free milo days

The sea games closing ceremony just went down yesterday’s evening, and I am glad to say it was a blast! Of course, the after party definitely was! Big inflated balls landed on the field of packed audience that are partying with the DJ Ferry Corsten.   For the closing ceremony, we were designated to be placard holders of various sports; which mine happened to be Judo. All we did was march aross the field holding the placard and I earned 1 frame of screentime hahaha.

our cool attire as posing atheletes

IMG_3375 IMG_3372

The Revelation of the Nilas

Sure I’m gonna miss these SEA Games days working as a performer and not military slaves. I’d wish this event spans longer, because the life as a infantry trooper is dreadful. I wish.

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