Sinpopo Brand @ Joo Chiat

Sinpopo Brand offers variety of local food served with a creative twist. From appetisers to milkshake and desserts, they’ve got you covered. For luncheon meat lovers, their spam fries is going for $6. Pretty worth it I would say, in relativity to other cafés. Located among a stretch of shophouses, Sinpopo has a rustic old school design, bring memories from the 1980s back to present. The generation where ‘good morning towels’ was a necessity for every household, that is the concept of this café.



Nasi Lemak for Two ($25) : Served on the wooden board, the dishes are separated as though they are side dishes. Resembles a Korean eatery where the side dishes are served individually on a separate plate. Ajitsuke Tamago served with white rice unfortunately, not the green coconut milk rice that you would expect by default whenever you have Nasi Lemak. From the left, there is Chilli Fishballs, Sweet potato with curry, Rojak, Sweet chili with Ikan Bilis, Spam Crisps, Har Jeong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) and Pork Belly Cutlet. My favourite picks were the Ikan Bilis with Chili and Har Jeong Gai. I have no idea why the Har Jeong Gai have broken bones, just makes me wonder.

_MG_9999Guala Melaka Cake ($6) : Soft cake with coconut glazed sugar coating, the cake taste more towards a coconut taste. It was just okay, nothing too amazing.


Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427671
Closed on Mondays

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