A Short Getaway to Kuala Lumpur & Genting, Malaysia (Pt. II)

With continuation from the prevous post, this is the Genting part of the jouney.

Since we decided to arrive at Genting one day in advance, that leaves us with 2 Days and 3 Nights to play. We had no confirms plans but we were hoping to be able to grab some tickets for the “MY FM The Show” on the last night of our stay.

From KL we took cab all the way up to Genting Highlands, which took around 2 hours, and I was fully awake throughout the ride, surprisingly. 


We managed to arrive at First World Hotel around mid-noon, and checked in to our room meant for Sardines. Not a bad view as the old Genting Hotel is just out of the window. Moreover, the temperature is definitely my favorite thing about this whole Genting staycation.

In search for some food, we discovered the Korean Food fair at the Time Square piazza, and to my delight, its selling ODENG (omok aka fish cake) – the korean street snack that I’ve longed yearned for. This can’t be easily found in Singaoire, (I don’t why they can sell spicy rice cakes in Singapore but not this).



Shopped around the vicinity in search for nostalgic memories, but its just so much boredom! Hop in to the Nike Factory Store to see whether there is any cheap thrills…


After which, carry on with our favorite pastime – karaoke. I expected really outdated korean songs, but to my awe, there still quite a few new songs like BANG BANG BANG! 😂


Travelled far in search for some opportunity to get out hands on the concert tickets for the next day.

Early chinese dim sum dinner to put our growling tummy to rest.  
Take a look at the fog, thankfully is not the haze. Its like free face mist, MAKING ME MISS THE WEATHER IN KOREA, HOW CHILLY IT GETS.    

In search for a late night dinner, we went back to the korean vendor to “dabao” – takeaway some of the food back our hotel room! A cozy supper cum dinner.

People saying whether I’m in Malaysia or Korea. I believe a true korean brings korean culture across globes. haha.

DAY 2 in Genting: We got the tickets but they were for the Sunday show, and we are leaving on Sunday morning. We intended to sneak in like 浑水摸鱼 with our Sunday tickets to attend the Saturday show. The tickets were complementary for Genting Rewards members to its completely free!

Before the concert, we went for Pets Tseng (曾沛慈) fan meet at Times Square. Here’s the outfit of the day.   
Hat: Karl Alley 5 Elements Air

Top: Taxonomy Clothing

Bottom: Uniqlo

Shoes: Adidas Originals

Bag: Sundays Sg

We waited for 2 Hours… Purchased her album, poster and a pouch for the fansign. Took a selfie along with the fansign as well! (pretty awkward, because too nervous) 

It a pity she didn’t sing any songs on stage though.


Later at night, we managed to sneak in our way with the wrong tickets and we even got to enter to moshpit by chance. At first we sat at the VIP seats because they were at the centre so we could get a better perspective of the show but people came in and claimed their seats and we are worried that we end up with no seats eventually. I asked the usher for the “ROCK ARENA”, which is stated on my ticket, and she said its the moshpit zone. I’m like “CHEY WALAO I ASK EARLIER THEN NO NEED SCARED HERE SCARED THERE LIAO”.

I was cynical, I didn’t though we would even get past the ticket check, so I didn’t bring my camera along. What a pity!

Some of my favorite artists capture on my iPhone.   

  On the final day, we woke up at 6Am And took a cab to the airpor,  we liased with our usual taxi driver to fetch us. Feeling jittery and unwell maybe due to the sleep deprivation, I forced myself into slumber during the ride, and when I woke up, I was ridiculed by the taxi fare. 239RINGGIT WTF OMG? Siao eh damn expensive? Okay even thiugh the taxi driver discounted it to 200 RINGGIT, its still crazy. Moral of story: Never cab from genting to airport again. You might save a lot by taking a bus instead.

Look who I saw on my flight. One of my inspirations – Andrea Chong and her shot for Clear Vision, published on Tiger Air Magazine.

Next to proof that I can take advertisment shots as well… This candid shot turns out to be so campaign ready. 😂😂😂

“fly with Tiger Air on your next trip! Simply quote “TIGERMELVIN” to enjoy 10% off your next flight”!

The next thing I know, its packing for book in, and I’m back to my usual hell hole again!

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