A Short Getaway to Kuala Lumpur & Genting, Malaysia (Pt. I)

Its the end of August, the army boys just came back from 21 days in Brunei, and its time for us to get our leave! Despite the politial instability in Malaysia, I still decided to travel into there and spend my short 5 days break before going back to the infamous hell hole again! The protest against Najib has just ended after the nation celebrates its National Day, hence it is safer to travel there. I wouldn’t leave the travel insurance out of the question though.

It has been many years since I had last went to Kuala Lumpur. We took a bus coach to Kuala Lumpur and checked in to our Airbnb apartment located near Bintang. 



After settled down, we took a walk around the shopping districts with known brands from H&M to Coach. I just saw many Arabs, and my hypothesis is that they must be here to take shelter from the unforgiving heat in their own state. 


Afterall Malaysia shares the similar culture and religious practices. We found our destined meal at Kyochon Chicken which was one of the eateries i mentioned i wanted to go to, though I did not intentionally navigate my way there.

 The chicken was just mediocre. The signature drumsticks were the best among all. Maybe I would compare it to the Korean version of Kyochon chicken the next time when I have a taste of it in Korea.

There really isn’t much interesting things to do in KL. In addition, the taxi drivers tend to hike up fares, so it isn’t really advisable to travel around with a cab, but we had to. 


The coloring craze is ubquitous

One of the store vendors thought I was attending the Fashion show HAHA
Publika the shopping mall is a sightly more hipster mall you can find in KL, and coincidentially, Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe  is situated there! Bingo, my lunch is checked.     
My favorite of all things : Bingsoo – Popcorn & Caramel flavored

Taken at the playground outside Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe

 Many design shops and cafe can be foun in the mall. We spend almost half our day there and headed back to VCR cafe which is one street away from the apartment, before heading back.


We got changed, and took a cab to Petronas Tower! 

Honestly, I had vague notions of being here… Or maybe I did not even visit here before. It slighty difficult navigating to the builing which you can access to the sky tower. Before we even got close, it started to drizzle! We paid around $30 to visit the top of the Petronas Tower for a short tour session, and we were the last group of visitors.


187cm and Im contented
 For both nights we had a gastronomical meal at this chinese food street, minutes away from our apartment. They whole street is filled with chinese food, what better to match our stubborn taste buds?

We went to the wrong place at first as we told the driver we wanted to go to the Chinatown because we thought that the food street was Chinatown. Nevermind the detour, we breezed through the nigh market at Chinatown and cabbed back to our ‘food street’.


Never leave without a the MY version of Hokkien Mee!
With the realisation that there isn’t anything much left to do in KL, we decided to head to Genting Highlands one day in advance!

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