Korean Clinic In Seoul!

Beware! This post consist of bloody images that might make you cringe! I still hope to share them for those who want to consider doing laser treatment in South Korea.

During my trip to South Korea in March 2017, I was delighted to be able to try out local dermatology procedures at ME CLINIC! I think ME Clinic offers a very reasonable price because its TAX FREE! (Never thought plastic surgery can be tax free too, but well, ME Clinic does it! Hurray!) Also, their prices are absolutely transparent, they even list them on their media channels, like websites, Facebook and Instagram! Therefore, what you see is actually what you get! You are able to get an idea of how much you need to set aside for the treatment!

The content below describes the FRAXEL Xena Laser + Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation. Acne scar treatment package Fraxel, MTS and PRP injection is 348,000 KRW per session and 828,000 KRW for 3 sessions.

ME Clinic is located at Gangnam Area, walkable distance from the Gangnam-gu Office Station.
Consultation with Dr Wang So Yeong.


Getting prep for the treatment by cleansing my face and applying the numbing cream.

There will be a interpreter with you, so in any case if you are unable to understand Korean, you would not have to worry a bit.



The nurse draws blood, for which the blood will be separated into its components through centrifuging. This is used for the PSP treatment.
The plasma and platelets will be used during the post-treatment for ease of recovery. After drawing of blood, there will be a whitening liquid drip because the laser does burn your skin and darkens your skin tone!


STEP 3: Doctor Wang carefully conducts the fractional laser in full concentration. The process is painful, I must admit. You know they all say, no pain, no gain. I would rate the pain a 7/10. Within a short span of 5 minutes the laser treatment was complete.


Doctor then injects the platelets from the syringe into various areas of the face.

STEP 4: The clinic’s nurse brought me back to the holding room, and apply the plasma from my blood all over my skin’s surface to aid the blood clot.

There will also be mask treatment to calm the skin down after the plasma has more or less been fully absorbed.


I would say it definitely does help improve my acne scars, but one session is definitely not enough to tell the difference. Therefore, I am not doing a comparison. It is definitely worth the trip because the downtime is just one day. The next day I woke up are just tiny blood clots that can be exfoliated.
Based on many reviews, its takes a minimum of 4 session to actually witness significant difference. Take my words for it, they are all true.
What I can suggest is, you can take collagen while recovering to actually increase the rate of collagen production which is a saving grace to scars.



ME Cosmetic Clinic is accumulating reliability with the customers based on safe and accurate diagnosis and care. We are ready to reciprocate your favor with comfortable high-quality medical service by keeping three promises made with our customers.

Some of the prices for the treatments can be found here.

If you have any questions about treating acne or acne scars, feel free to ask me!

Thanks for reading,


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