Boro Boro with GRAYE


In GRAYE’s F/W 2017 Collection, they translated their zen lifestyle to their apparels. One that caught my eye was the Boro Boro Textiles. Boro literally translates to rags, and it is the art of patching multiple pieces of rags together. The Boro culture was born through the values of “mottanai” or “too good to waste”. Notice that these beautiful textiles are all in the shade of the natural indigo dye.

boroboro.jpgThe entire shirt is made with a natural soft touch cotton in the classic boro patchwork style. With this shirt, the beauty of boro fabric is emphasised through the weaving techniques used to construct it.
IMG_6685-2 copy.jpg

Independent local label GRAYE fuses tradition with a modern touch.




Featured Item

Featured Item
Graye Boro Shirt – S$79

Photography by: Grey Suitcase


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